GORGEOUS GRASSE // travelling to the South of France

landscape view of Grasse

At exactly this time last week I was strolling around Cannes, in the South of France *happy smile spreads across face*.

I’d just spent a kid-free weekend in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, where I’d wandered around the famous annual Rose festival, created my own bespoke fragrance at Molinard Parfumeries and Instragrammed up a storm. Utter bliss!

I did loads of solo travelling before the girls were born – one of the biggest reasons I’d moved from my then home in Sydney to Europe was to see the world, but OH is more of a holidaymaker than a traveller so I started going on my own.

I had to press pause for a few years when they were really young, but now, for my birthday present each year, I book a weekend trip somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. Taking that little break to realise my dreams helps me get my Mummy mojo back – I always return happy, inspired, rejuvenated and even more appreciative of my little family.

My first foray was to Bruges, then to Windsor – where I’d never been, despite only living 30 minutes away – and this year it was Grasse (more posts on the way!). I’d been fascinated with this beautiful French town since watching the movie Perfume a decade ago (really looking forward to reading the book now I can actually visualise the streets and parfumeries).

I’m already thinking ahead to my next jaunt; because I’m also a journalist I always try to pick somewhere that has a fascinating history or story behind it so I’m thinking maybe Champagne or the salt mines in Krakow…

Suggestions welcomed!

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Grasse Office de Tourisme

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